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"Learn from the BEST - Forbes Riley has pitched product on tv for more than 20 years and generated more than $2 Billion dollars in sales!"             Kevin Harrington-original shark on Shark Tank

 There is no one more qualified to coach professionals on exploding business success than Health and Fitness mega-entrepreneur Forbes Riley. She is known worldwide as the $2 Billion Host, the Julia Roberts of Infomercials and the PitchMaster.

With skyrocketing success in television sales to her credit, Riley has written this book to help unlock one of the key secrets of entrepreneurial success: mastering the pitch. 

This book highlights specific strategies to help professionals learn how to pitch brands, companies and products to close deals, be remembered and to position you and your company as highly desired leaders in your industry.

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“Love yourself. It shines through, and it makes you the most beautiful you that ever lived.” 

–Forbes Riley


Forbes Riley is a $2.5 billion TV host, actress and an entrepreneur who has built a fitness empire from her SpinGym fitness system (1.5 million sold). She is beautiful, he beginning, she was a struggling actress, very overweight, a size 12 in an industry that scorns any woman over a size four. She hoped that beauty wasn’t as important as her talent, brains and hard work, but that’s not how Hollywood works. Her career was suffering because of her weight, she was warned. She tried every diet around; she even attended self-help seminars. Topping the humiliation, fellow TV stars brought her to overeaters anonymous meetings. Nothing stuck. Until the most profound thing happened during a seminar: Forbes discovered that inner beauty wasn’t just a cliché, and that discovery shifted everything. 


Forbes was struggling with failures, and all the time she had been focusing solely on her deficits, everything that she didn’t have, what she still needed, all while hoping to be someone she wasn’t. Here’s a secret: beauty never grows from deficits—that’s how things decay. Forbes learned to shift her focus, and she began to love all of the most authentic, real, vulnerable pieces of her. It was hard and painful, but it clicked. People who love themselves take care of themselves, they’re surrounded by positive people, and they form healthy habits. Beauty, Forbes learned, wasn’t about a dress size at all. The seed of real beauty is self-love. Beauty that’s life-lasting is a reflection of all that’s deep within. 


A strong believer in the power of words, Forbes often redefines words to give them a new empowering spin. She redefined BEAUTY to symbolize personal strength: 

Being an







Forbes’ struggle with her weight ended, so she’s paying it forward. 


Forbes is the creator of the SpinGym fitness system and a food journal entitled: e.a.t. A Journal for What You Eat and for What’s Eating You, which includes activities to help shift mindset. She used principals from this system to create a 10-week weight loss challenge for 30 people who lost between 20-30 lbs. each, while also discovering their own inner beauty and strength. Beyond losing weight, they started pursuing goals and dreams they never felt worthy of before. 


Today, Forbes travels across the U.S. teaching these lessons and linking them to health and success. Forbes launched the “You Are Enough” campaign, enrolling even her 750k+ Facebook fans to champion YOU ARE ENOUGH: 

  • To be loved 
  • To fulfill your dreams
  • To stand up for yourself
  • To get what you want in life…


You are beautiful right now, you are enough, and the deeper you embrace this truth the more brilliant your beauty will shine for all to see.