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e.a.t Journal: Non-Diet Weight Loss

e.a.t Journal: Non-Diet Weight Loss

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A 6 Week Non-Diet Weight Loss Program.  

Forbes Riley’s e.a.t. Journal:

This Journal for "What You Eat" and for "What’s Eating You" is a personalized functional fitness nutrition journal offering YOU a unique 6 week system to plan for success, track your daily meals, engage in thought provoking exercises and ultimately be a tool to help you reach your goals.

Best Weight Loss Journal I Have Found!

Anjie H. Toronto

in the first week I was stunned at how much FUN it was to enter in my food in this colorful journal and do the exercises Forbes Riley has created then I found I had lost 4 lbs the first week and NEVER WENT on a DIET!! Genius - have recommended this program to friends and we started a 6 week weight loss eat journal club brilliant -- thank you TSC love watching and also bought SpinGym!!!

Portable & durable enough to be toted around, this journal also contains interesting nutritional tips and even games to keep you occupied along with access to a special video training.

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